Blaw-Knox Pavers

June 4, 2019
Blaw-Knox Pavers

Bla popular maker of road paving equipment. It really is at this time an integral part of Volvo's building equipment unit.


Jacob B. Blaw of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania patented a re-useable metal kind to displace wooden forms in constructing tangible sewers and tunnel linings. On March 12, 1906, Blaw Collapsible Steel Centering business had been created in nj to manufacture and promote the product. The firm had been rebranded the Blaw Steel Centering organization in 1911; based on another resource, it became the Blaw Steel Construction business.

In 1909, Luther Knox and Irvin F. Lehman formed Knox Pressed and Welded metal business to make and advertise Knox’s innovations in usage of pressed and welded metallic, in place of non-ferrous castings, for the make of water-cooled gear for open hearth furnaces along with other high-temperature applications.

The Blaw and Knox businesses joined on July 6, 1917, developing the Blaw-Knox business. The company diversified into radio towers in 1927 and, in 1929 through its buy of AW French & business, paving gear. French ended up being manufacturing the Ord type of concrete finishers and relevant equipment, which became the genesis for Blaw-Knox’s very own popular distinct form-riding spreaders and finishers. In 1931 Blaw-Knox expanded their range to add form-riding asphalt finishers.

The Ord form-riding asphalt finisher had been the first to ever be flexible in the types and so the device might be raised for laying of numerous layers of pavement without resetting the forms. In addition it had compression footwear that aided in compaction and removed the necessity for removable kind pieces.

Blaw-Knox continued to acquire the assets for the Foote production business in 1948. This included dry-batch concrete pavers and Adnun asphalt paver, which were two regarding the very first self-propelled, formless asphalt pavers introduced to Blaw-Knox’s products. Concern 66 includes a brief history of Foote and their particular tangible mixers and pavers.

The All Purpose Spreader Company, or APSCo, was purchased in 1954. Apsco produced trench rollers and a distinct rubber-tired paving gear, including shoulder spreaders, roadway wideners while the first rubber-tired asphalt paver.

Blaw-Knox continued to provide the metallurgical, chemical process, public service and heavy building industries.

Blaw-Knox is regarded as a very couple of businesses to have a city called after it. In 1913 Blaw Steel relocated to Hoboken, Pennsylvania (a little city near Pittsburgh). In 1918 town was renamed Blawnox, Pennsylvania.

Blaw-Knox itself changed arms at least twice, being acquired by White Consolidated Industries in 1968, and Clark Equipment Company. Ingersoll-Rand obtained Clark’s building products, including Blaw-Knox, in 1995. Ingersoll-Rand carried on to make use of the Blaw-Knox brand name, and put Blaw-Knox in its path developing company unit. Whenever Ingersoll-Rand exited the building equipment industry in 2007, the Road Development product ended up being sold to Volvo Construction items.

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