Vibrating Drum Roller

February 7, 2014
Walk-behind Vibrating Drum

With powerful compaction methods the compaction overall performance of a roller is clearly improved. These systems are based on the actual fact to stimulate the top by oscillations in a way that a grain moving may take destination into a closer position. Using vibration compaction the material with is compacted is set in vibration by vertical causes in quick succession. Just like the unique Hamm oscillation compaction tangential causes tend to be introduced inside product becoming compacted. The drum rests in continual contact to your earth and achieves consequently a faster compaction.


Typical vibrating rollers are equipped with a circular vibrator in the drum. It effects by fast rotation that the drum begins to vibrate, thus compaction causes arrive in to the earth. Aided by the directed dildo two going public, arranged in contrary instructions, are utilized which cause directed oscillations.


Into the oscillation drum public submiting the same way, produce one minute round the drum axle. As soon as changes its result direction during a turn for the mass (forward and backwards), so that the oscillation drum movement is created. Here thrusts are introduced to the earth.

Minimum oscillation stresses when it comes to surrounding

By oscillation clearly reduced oscillation stresses tend to be created much like the vibration. Right here only around approx. 10% associated with stresses when compared to vibration are manufactured. Oscillation rollers make use of their performance to not ever unintended vibration stimulation regarding the surrounding industry, but introduce these particular there where in fact the energy sources are required. Low oscillations guarantee a longer expected life of machine and an optimum in operating convenience.

The oscillation system produced by Hamm is certainly not predicated on complicated mechanical rule systems, but utilizes alone in a sensible way the real laws and regulations. Based upon material rigidity associated with the underground thereby the amplitude price adapts automatically. That means the amplitude is reduced continuously based on the rising earth rigidity. Once the amplitude lowers appropriately, the performance utilized in the soil rises itself...

An optimum at compaction high quality

This revolutionary technology enables the Hamm oscillation rollers almost immediately - within 10 milliseconds - to fully adjust to altered earth problems. This corresponds to a distance included in the roller of only approx. 1 cm. Through those constantly working fixed load therefore the altering dynamic shearing stresses when you look at the material, a faster, much better and more careful compaction occurs.

Oscillation on all task websites

On all bitumen task web sites โ€“ through the smallest area, brides, multi-storey car parks around highways โ€“ the oscillation reveals its performance and obvious advantages. The oscillating activity in conjunction with the permanent static load regarding the drum guarantee an easy increase of compaction paired with really homogeneous compaction and good area roughness. The sub-base stays thereby maintained.

Compaction on bridges becomes at the moment possible

Oscillation rollers tend to be specially demanded for bridges. They enable large compaction overall performance and produce no harmful vibrations. Simply on such structures the bitumen cools down faster by the sea breeze. That is no problem for oscillation because with oscillation you'll be able to work on even lower bitumen temperatures.

Good compaction on bones

During the joint between two operating lanes, e.g. using the restoration of a lane, the oscillation prevents a harm of various other currently finished i.e. compacted and cooled off roadway. In addition transverse journeys are easily possible โ€“ there's no danger whenever you want when it comes to road area.

Even more flexibility using the Asphalt temperature

Compaction works are just possible within a certain heat range, with regards to the type of the made use of bitumen. Beginning with a particular heat the vibration is not made use of more, after that it develops tear or other harm. With oscillation the heat range is widened around nearly 20%, for example. the oscillation roller can still continue steadily to work and ensures consequently a greater mobility on the job web site.

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