Pavers Over Asphalt

May 18, 2016
Asphalt Paving | Asphalt

NOTE:whenever installing pavers over top of an existing asphalt of tangible pad, you can find three set up choices.

Sand Set

In a sand set application, a 1" sand bedding layer is put between the pavers and fundamental asphalt or concrete (like a standard set up). Drain holes must at reasonable places to allow liquid that seeps to the bones to flee.

This technique is most common in PLAZA programs, though it could be applied in BOULEVARDS as long a suitable curb and durable bedding sand is employed.

Bituminous Set

This is much like sand set except a bituminous binder is put into the bedding sand, that essence adheres the pavers to the fundamental concrete (PLAZA or BOULEVARD applications) or asphalt (Plaza applications only).

This method is also commonly used for high effect traffic places such as cross strolls, while the bituminous material helps prevent rotational failure of the pavers.

Mortar Set

Mortar set uses a latex altered mortar under and all over pavers (just like what is done for porcelain tiles).

This process is recommended over tangible as asphalt is simply too flexible and can crack the mortar. In north climates, the mortared joints should be regularly maintained to avoid moisture penetration, while the using de-icing salts is frustrated.

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