Double Drum Compactor

May 30, 2019
Hamm DV06.4V Double drum

The highly capable and efficient DD105 is equipped with front side and rear 66-inch (1, 680 mm) broad drums and run on a 114-horsepower Tier 4 Final 3.8-liter Volvo engine.

The very capable and efficient DD105 is outfitted with front side and rear 66-inch (1, 680 mm) broad drums and running on a 114-horsepower Tier 4 Final 3.8-liter Volvo motor.

The 10-ton DD105 sets the tone for compaction innovation, built upon an all-new, visibility-enhancing pedestal framework supported by a lifetime guarantee, and offered because of the latest options to improve task quality, including eight-amplitude options and Volvo Intelligent Compaction with Density Direct.

The highly capable and efficient DD105 is outfitted with front and back 66-inch (1, 680 mm) wide drums and running on a 114-horsepower level 4 Final 3.8-liter Volvo motor. Fuel cost savings can be maximized with functions such as for instance auto-idle and ECO mode, which can more decrease gasoline usage by up to 30 percent. Standard dual-amplitude settings permit the operator to quickly adjust drum forces relating to product depth, and an optional eight-amplitude environment gives the industry's many exact control.

“The DD105 is not just very easy to run and keep, but it is extremely efficient at delivering quality compaction on any medium- to large-sized asphalt work, ” said Mark Eckert, international item supervisor at Volvo Construction gear. “And predicated on consumer preference, it could be tailored aided by the newest technologies — including Volvo smart Compaction with the business's just real-time density-mapping technology. It Is certainly built to achieve target thickness and smoothness with as few passes and as small guesswork as you are able to.”

Intelligent Compaction (IC)

The DD105 can be obtained with two optional IC systems — Volvo IC and Volvo IC with Density Direct. Both systems provide pass mapping, temperature mapping and data storage space functions, offering enhanced quality guarantee and control. Volvo IC with Density Direct also contains the's very first real time density mapping technology, that is proven to be precise to within 1.5 per cent of core sampling. It will help eliminate guesswork, guaranteeing the operator has actually real-time familiarity with the aspects that most significantly impact work high quality.

All-around presence

The DD105 is present with a typical open ROPS/FOPS canopy or a recommended enclosed cab — each offering 360-degree operator visibility. The new pedestal frame design gets better views of curbs and obstructions. Through the flexible seat, the operator features a commanding view of the jobsite with obvious sightlines down seriously to the drum and squirt taverns. With ergonomically positioned settings and joystick, maneuverability is enhanced for the operator and offset steering assures exact compaction. The DD105 is equipped with Anti Slip Control to properly load and unload the equipment for transportation without assist, and to propel on steeper grades or slopes with no slipping might lead to scuffing or any other injury to the pavement area.

Trustworthy drum wetting

The DD105 functions a state-of-the-art pressurized water system with triple purification, offering consistent coverage with variable circulation to stop product pick-up. With features including primary and back-up pumps, main and backup spray pubs per drum, hand-serviceable nozzles, and drum wipers, the automatic drum wetting system provides unbeatable effectiveness.

Easy solution, supported for a lifetime

The DD105 is made for quick solution and upkeep with ground-level access to the engine, radiator, battery pack, filters and everyday checkpoints. Using an individual key, specialists can access daily solution hatches where fuses and relays tend to be easily grouped together.The DD105 normally supported by the industry-exclusive Volvo life Frame and construction Warranty, under that your framework and articulation joint associated with device are completely covered, ensuring Volvo or an authorized dealership will fix or change components as essential throughout the complete life of the gear beneath the preliminary owner.

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