Double Drum Vibratory Roller

December 7, 2020
Walk-Behind Roller Double Drum

[kw]Operating body weight

BW 65 H6506.2 Hatz757

Areas of application: Earthwork and asphalt programs. Brand-new building and repairs of sidewalks, difficult arms, pattern routes, yards and drive methods, kiddies playgrounds, tennis and sports grounds and agricultural and forestry roadway construction.


  • Parking braking system
  • Environmentally compliant hydraulic oil
  • Tool system
  • Special painting
  • Service kit


  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Double vibration
  • Mechanical vibration drive
  • Electric starter
  • Infinitely variable-speed control
  • Sprinkler system
  • Vibration dampened steering pole
  • Height flexible steering rod
  • Vibration and throttle regulation on steering pole
  • Two scrapers per drum
  • Automatic shutdown at low oil level
  • Single point lifting unit
  • Safety crank handle
  • Security control*
  • Back-up drive protection*
  • Parking brake*
  • 3-2-1 guarantee
* Standard delivery with CE conformity (valid within eu) (+5kg)

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