Biggest Earth Moving Machines

January 29, 2018
23 of the Biggest Machines

Titanic device "devours" its prey - a bulldozer!

In the event that you discount CERN's big Hadron Collider (which will be formally the greatest device on earth; see the Bing Earth picture below, and read our article about it)

then your biggest GOING machine build by humans could be the huge container wheel excavator "Bagger 288" built by Krupp in Germany in 1978.

This huge mining machine (300 yards very long, weight: 45, 500 tons) is capable of shifting its treads to your numerous open-air mine areas.

The past these types of epic change happened in 2001, when it crawled from mine to the other - across 22 kilometers of fields, roads, railroad crossings, villages and country... Because could not bypass the obstacles, it headed in a straight-line, so the workers ready the way by mounting up sand cushions over highways and train paths, getting rid of power-lines and seeding the areas with special lawn to help make its development smoother.

(the best driver seat)

Imagine seeing these types of a sight at break fast, looking of home window in a quiet suburbia... keep an eye out, It is Comin Atch Ya! anyhow, it took them 3 weeks to go it. Once in position it started to bite into the coal, stone and planet with all the vengeance...

Interesting fact

Many of the construction workers would read quotes about leadership and hard work every morning before they began their day. Many of the site managers said it had improved the overall morale of the employees. One of the quotes that was used was from Tony Dungy:

“The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better.”

Many of the site managers felt this quote inspired their team to not only lead themselves, but support their fellow workers.

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