Vogele Asphalt Paver

October 6, 2017
Vogele Asphalt Paver, Vogele

Vogele Asphalt Pavers

Asphalt Pavers

AIS Construction Equipment features combined with Vögele, a leader in high compaction technology, class and slope control, and screed technology, to create you high quality asphalt pavers. High floatation, maximum grip and accuracy drive.

  • wheeled and tracked pavers
  • expanding screeds and standard screeds
  • special equipment for asphalt paving
  • perfect visibility on all-important points for the pavers
  • daily maintenance-free pavers with auto-tensioning of conveyors, auto-lubrication (recommended) plus

The Essential Innovative Paver Technology

Paver operators agree: the newest VÖGELE paver has got the most memorable features in its course. The quiet VISION 5200-2i comes with ErgoPlus, the newest concept for simple paver operation. ErgoPlus decreases the operators’ work while increasing comfort. Additionally provides the operator unobstructed visibility of material hopper, screed, and auger tunnel.

The monitored VISION 5200-2i was created primarily for usage in highway building, where it's all about power and efficiency. With a robust 6-cylinder Cummins engine installed delivering 250 h.p., the heavy-duty paver achieves paving boosts to 250 fpm.

The machine is sold with a drive idea distinguished by precision also, thus fulfilling essential demands for perfect pavement results.

Source: www.aisequip.com
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