Asphalt Block Pavers

March 12, 2017
Driveway with Pavers and


• number of shapes and sizes
• lower than 1% absorption rate
• Post Industrial Recycled Content
• measured for even thickness
• Comfortable walking area
• variety of colors and textures
• Sound lowering qualities Skilled types of make create a very thick and durable paver have real profit resist “real globe” problems at their worst.Explore


• selection of sizes and shapes
• significantly less than 1% absorption rate
• Article Industrial Recycled Content
• measured for even depth
• Comfortable walking surface
• selection of colors and designs


Hanover’s Asphalt Block is equally fitted to advertisement or domestic programs. It is a distinctive paver that provides the home owner another paving solution.Explore


• selection of shapes and sizes
• under 1percent absorption price
• Post Industrial Recycled Content
• Gauged even for thickness
• Comfortable walking area
• Durable, surprise and spark resistant
• Factory seems paid down


Hanover® Asphalt Block may be used for industrial flooring which must withstand the constant traffic of forklift vehicles. They may be made use of as an interior flooring or on an exterior running dock.Explore

Chesapeake Collection

• Infused with clam shells
• increases recycled content
• number of shapes and sizes
• Recycled content ranges with shade Hanover® Asphalt Block are infused with clam shells generate the newest inclusion towards the Chesapeake range.
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