Rubber Tired

September 9, 2022
Konecranes rubber tired gantry

Mining Division - 50 Ton TractorWhether on rails or making use of plastic tires, BROOKVILLE builds most of its mining equipment cars to overcome the my own environment they encounter…while supplying the smoothest trip available. These mining units use large flotation filled tires to move throughout the irregular road bedrooms on a robust suspension system system.

Tractors and Personnel Carriers

BROOKVILLE's customizable rubber tired mining gear brings equivalent known American-manufactured quality, durability, and dependability that underground miners came you may anticipate in BROOKVILLE rail-mounted product to flexible rubber-tired haulage and transportation solutions.

Custom-manufactured rubber tired mining gear features BROOKVILLE's trademark heavy-duty framework and the selection for either electric battery or diesel power bundles. Designed for security, with dry-chemical fire suppression methods, and convenience, with a marshmallow suspension system over springs, BROOKVILLE's rubber tired mining vehicles are designed to meet your power needs in underground problems and incorporate to your my own's infrastructure.

Diesel Slope Tractors

The BROOKVILLE 50-ton diesel four-wheel drive slope tractor provides maximum energy and added grip to conquer your steepest underground grades. With a centered articulation joint and low height (6 ft. 6 in. / 1.98m), the slope tractor provides added energy because of the capability navigate around tight turns and under reasonable clearances. Fifth wheel, rail coupler, pintle hitch, alongside cargo accessories make the products adaptable to your existing operations.

Featuring BROOKVILLE's trademark heavy-duty frame, planetary axles, a powershift transmission and transfer case, six-cylinder inline diesel engine, fire suppression system, fluid cooled disc brakes and an optional porcelain diesel particulate filter, the 50-ton pitch tractor was created to the highest quality standards to offer toughness and reliability for steep underground haulage applications.

Diesel Personnel Carrier

BROOKVILLE's type of customizable rubber tired personnel companies provide the power to transport up to 20 guys and offer the haulage capability of a 15-ton tractor. Four-wheel crab and coordinate steering allow for ideal underground maneuverability.

BROOKVILLE 15 great deal Battery TractorBROOKVILLE rubber-tired personnel providers include advanced durability and a dependable energy bundle, including much duty framework, planetary axles, powershift transmission and transfer instance, diesel motor, and liquid-cooled wet disk brakes. Security functions include a fire suppression system and optional ceramic diesel particulate filter.

Ultra Low Height Diesel Tractors

BROOKVILLE super reasonable height rubber-tired tractors supply maneuverability for mining personnel and supervisors in restricted room. With a level of only 38 inches (96.5 cm), including the canopy, and seating for example operator and one passenger, the ultra low height tractor was designed to enhance the performance and usefulness of the daily underground functions.

Power Tractor

BROOKVILLE 15-ton battery pack haulage tractors package twin 100 horse power motors, a good state IGBT digital control system, planetary axles, and liquid-cooled damp disk brakes into BROOKVILLE's signature heavy-duty framework to supply added grip for steep level haulage.

Power Personnel Carrier

BROOKVILLE rubber tired battery pack personnel carriers consist of twin 100 horse power engines, an excellent state IGBT electric control system, planetary axles, liquid-cooled damp disc brakes, and BROOKVILLE's signature heavy-duty framework. With four-wheel steering plus the power to transfer to 20 employees, BROOKVILLE rubber-tired personnel carriers supply the usefulness to move employees to regions of the mine without railway accessibility.

Mining Division - 20 guy 15ton BROOKVILLE 10 great deal Diesel Inspection Vehicle

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