New Asphalt Pavers

October 11, 2017
Traditional Residence outdoor with numerous roof outlines

Driveway Comparison Chart

Type Durability Upkeep Choices Longevity
Concrete Splits in freezing temperatures Difficult fixes Multiple kinds & colors 40 many years
Asphalt/blacktop Softens in temperature Traditional Residence outdoor by RMN ConstructionEasy repair works Only in black colored 20 years
Gravel Moves in rainfall & snowfall Easy to replace 100+ many years
Pavers Can split & break 30 - 40 years
Brick/cobblestone Traditional Driveway by Forest Ridge Builders, IncCan crack & break

Concrete Driveway Expense

Concrete is probably the most popular driveway material and valid reason. It really is incredibly durable and continues quite a long time with little dependence on upkeep conserve for repairing cracks or spots from gas and oil. When it comes to driveway product costs, concrete averages around $3, 540. The cost of tangible driveway pavers increase for a driveway that's stamped and colored, presuming you intend to customize the appearance much more.

typical Home outdoor with multi light windowsPros and disadvantages

  • Professionals: Durable, continues above 40 years, doesn't need any type of sealing, comes in a multiplicity of types and color choices, no resurfacing
  • Cons: splits in freezing weather condition, high priced, difficult repair works

Asphalt/Blacktop Driveway Expense

An asphalt or blacktop driveway, in comparison, may be the more affordable choice which will help hold driveway set up prices down. However, many homeowners aren't happy using the way that a blacktop appearances and exactly how it can't be custom-made. Additionally downsides to asphalt unless you wish keep up with regular maintenance like resealing and resurfacing. But does manage changes in temperature like freezing and high temperature better than tangible, plus it takes far less time for you to settle in and dry for use than tangible - a long time when compared with several times.

Benefits and drawbacks

  • Pros: costs significantly less than tangible (about $3 to $4 per square foot), simple fixes, dries faster for instant usage, changes to different heat modifications, continues about 20 years
  • Cons: only comes in black, less durable, calls for resealing every 3-5 many years and resurfacing frequently
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