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February 23, 2019
And Salsco began to

Mini-Asphalt Track Paver, TP44Hydraulic Split Tilt Hopper with an Extra Large Cut-Off dish

Mini-Track Paver, Model TP44
"The Tiny Paver Might"

(click the picture below to look at a presentation for the TP44's features and requirements.)

Hydraulic Tilt Split Hopper - immense stop Door inside Hopper - Hydraulic End-Gates

The TP44, offers you plenty of Bang for Your Buck and it is because functional since it comes. The TP44 Easily Changes to Pave Different Widths. The TP44 can pave anything from 44" to 6 foot wide, & may even pave widths as narrow as 6" with cut off plates. One convenient detail to note is that The TP44 Is created specifically to Drop Into a 48" trench.

Hopper proportions inside loading possition are 38-1/2" Wide x 69-1/2" Long.

The Mini-Track Paver works very well in fact, that Salsco buyer T.L. Edwards of Massachusetts put down 350 a lot of asphalt initial time they got their TP44!


"i've place it be effective since my last email and it also works definitely great and I also'm really...very satisfied with it. It is possible to transfer and run, and it's a really trustworthy machine. I absolutely love this device therefore does completely. It permits me to raise the quantity and scale of my work projects." Ilya Cherkasky, Petah-Tikva, Israel

"My Salsco Track Paver is a great little device. Its' durable manufacturing quality and option of parts, allow it to be an efficient machine to make use of on all my sidewalk and trench jobs. Also, thinking about the little crew it will require to operate, as well as its' total ease of operation, i am aware i am getting maximum productivity anytime it's face to face." Charlie, Canton, MA

"We love the machine so we is able to see a rise in output, efficiency and an improved finished product than doing it manually. We only want that people discovered Salsco sooner." Jon, Hawaii

"we used the Salsco Track Paver to pave a 60' x 85' pad. I utilized cold blend because of this task also it did actually work really well. The pad seems great! We have never ever paved any such thing before or had any experience whatsoever in paving, nonetheless it pretty sure seemed to work well." K. Demuth, Canada

"The Track Paver performs as the final one performed, B+. I love the new screed arranged." David, Mario Susi & Sons, Dorchester, MA

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