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November 22, 2021
Tarmac road surface

Introducing the new Element Six extreme performance D PowerTM Road Pick - exceeding 40 times the life span of standard road selections.

The new D PowerTM path Pick utilises a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tip that combines enough toughness with very high wear weight.

These characteristics tend to be accomplished in part by high-pressure, high-temperature synthesis. Both Element Six’s substantial laboratory tests and onsite experience confirm that when the properties of PCD tend to be combined with optimal choose design, an operating life many times more than standard picks is accomplished.

Attaining over 40 times living of standard roadway selections is a remarkable expansion of this pick life. The competitive advantages that Element Six’s worldwide* customers can benefit from consist of:

Delivering a far better area finish
Across lifetime of the D PowerTM Road Pick, minimal wear is observed from the PCD tip. This ensures that the selections tend to be running at maximum effectiveness through the duration of their particular operational life. The result creates a frequent cleaner slice with a smoother area texture.

Paid down general milling time
By decreasing the quantity of time-consuming stoppages for spotting (checking) and switching selections, milling time may be cut significantly. Since this is just one of the major elements within the road refurbishment process, D PowerTM path choose reduces task duration allowing companies to satisfy agreement deadlines, develop business while increasing their particular return on investment in capital gear.

Enhanced tender competitiveness
With D PowerTM Road Picks, costs come-down and projects could be completed faster. And also this provides some essential leeway for contractors to avoid penalties for lacking due dates and winning incentives for timely completion.

Gasoline performance enhanced
With a PCD insert that keeps its form, the D PowerTM Road Picks require less penetration force therefore less energy to operate effortlessly. As fuel costs comprise a considerable an element of the project costs, reducing the level of gas eaten keeps project prices competitive.

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