Walk Behind rollers

August 24, 2021
Small Walk Behind Rollers

Cat. Class Code: 160-1245

Walk-behind Roller, 18-29", Double Drum, Smooth


United Rentals applies an environmental charge to rented equipment that contains an internal combustion motor, hydraulic oils or comparable components. The charge is 1.30% for the leasing charge for equipment with a maximum cost of $75. The cost is made to recuperate the company’s direct and indirect costs when it comes to handling, handling and disposing of waste products, dangerous materials and associated administrative costs.

A few of our indirect expenses include, but they are not limited to, the managing and managing of wastewater disposal, oil and gas spills, gasoline storage and administration, costs paid to regulatory companies and charges compensated to sellers. Some of our direct ecological costs include proper disposal of products from attention, upkeep and operation of gear including used oil filters, spent oil absorbent, components cleansers, scrap tires and waste antifreeze. It is not a government-mandated cost.

Rental Cover Arrange

The leasing cover Plan is certainly not insurance. The leasing coverage Arrange is recommended and just offered to direct commercial customers. When you buy the leasing coverage Arrange item, you simply will not be held responsible when it comes to complete replacement value of damaged or taken gear. If one thing does go wrong, you will end up in charge of 10% regarding the harm costs or $500.00, whichever is less*.

Upon accepting the leasing Protection Plan, the consumer agrees to pay for a portion on the basis of the rented gear, plus in return United Rentals agrees to waive specific claims for accidental problems for or theft associated with the aforementioned gear happening during typical and careful use. The consumer remains accountable for all other damages as established inside conditions present Addendum 1 towards leasing Agreement.

*Customer agrees that it will make use of its most readily useful efforts to protect the gear from reduction, theft or harm always during rental period, and until the gear is retrieved and in the Company’s possession.

Source: www.unitedrentals.com
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