Roller Compaction

November 5, 2021
And Soil Roller Compaction

This white report describes the basic principles of dry granulation concept with a roller compactor.

Granulation is an ongoing process where dust particles are made to follow one another, leading to larger, multi-particle entities, so called granules. If these types of an ongoing process is carried out without adding liquids, this really is called dry granulation. In dried out granulation, the dust blend is compacted by applying a force on the powder, which in general reasons a considerable dimensions development.

Principally there are two techniques to receive the compacts when utilizing dried out granulation: slugging and roller compaction.

If a tablet hit can be used the compaction process, the definition of slugging is employed. But since particles with a tiny particle dimensions try not to move well in to the die of a tablet press, the results tend to be fat distinctions from a single tablet (slug) to another. Therefore triggers large fluctuations when you look at the forces applied on the individual slugs, with translates in variations of
the slug’s mechanical strength. Consequently, the properties of the granulates obtained by milling the slugs may not be managed really either. This might be one of many main reasons why slugging is hardly made use of any more as a dry granulation technique.

Roller Compaction
A Roller compactor generally contain three major devices:

  1. A feeding system, which conveys the powder to the compaction area between the rolls
  2. A compaction device, where powder is compacted between two countertop rotating rolls to a ribbon through the use of a force
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