Roto Mill

February 8, 2017
ROTO-MILL INC. is an innovator

Sonic Corp’s RotoMill colloid mills and milling mills are designed to supply exceptional shearing and grinding. Making use of a branded and proven multi-angular system, our rotors and stators work with 3 shear points that subject material to a higher amount of grinding than main-stream mills. Undispersed material is forced into a cavity created by a spinning rotor and fixed stator. Centrifugal force propels the material into the not in the rotor, causing intense hydraulic shear that breaks agglomerates and homogenizes the solids and liquids.

Sonic features modernized Colloid Mill technology!

Milling technology dates back towards very early 1900’s without numerous groundbreaking improvements over the years. At Sonic Corporation, we have modernized an age-old technology by incorporating the mill seal chamber with a movable housing that enables the rotor gap is adjusted without hampering the seal face contacts.

Benchtop Scale!

Full Turnkey Bench scale Colloid Mill Techniques. Detailed with bench-scale 2.5 inches Sonic Roto-Mill, Feed Pump, Instrumentation, PLC/HMI control automation, built into custom designed cellular cart.

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