RAP system

November 1, 2022
Le rap system

image unavailableThe Rapid Refresh is the continental-scale NOAA hourly-updated assimilation/modeling system operational at NCEP. RAP covers the united states and it is comprised primarily of a numerical forecast design and an analysis/assimilation system to initialize that model. RAP is complemented because of the higher-resolution 3km High-Resolution fast Refresh (HRRR) model, which is also updated hourly and addressing a smaller sized geographical domain. NWS Technical Ideas Notice on RAPv3/HRRRv2 NCEP implementations of 3km HRRR (v1)

  • version 2 - 23 Aug 2016

Experimental versions of HRRR/RAP implemented at ESRL

  • Experimental HRRRv3/RAPv4 beginning at ESRL in Sept 2016
  • Experimental HRRRv2/RAPv3 implemented at ESRL 1 Jan 2015.
  • Total RAP (v1-v3) information in Benjamin et al. 2016, an united states Hourly Assimilation and Model Forecast pattern: The fast Refresh. Mon. Wea. Rev., 144, 1669-1694.

Present RAP/HRRR presentations

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Source: rapidrefresh.noaa.gov
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