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September 18, 2021
Road planers BOBCAT WS24

Element Six is among the world's leading producers of road planing picks for usage in roadway maintenance.

Our top-quality tools provide unrivalled performance, large use and influence resistance for cool planing of asphalt or cement.

Cold planing

Cool planing could be the controlled elimination of current asphalt or tangible layers from roads, runways and other asphalt and concrete surroundings. Devices known as cool planers or cold milling devices are acclimatized to airplane or mill the trail to a required level and / or cross slope. These devices differ in width from 0.35m to and past 2.2m. The asphalt is cut via a rotating drum of roadway planing picks, using product slice through the roadway loaded directly onto a lorry and removed for recycling. This product is later on re-used to put new roadways, that is both an economical and environmentally-friendly option to renew roadway infrastructure.

Our roadway planing choose solutions
Through close collaboration between our engineers, research and development staff and consumers, we have created a selection of high-performance tools certain for road planing. They include:

D PowerTM Road Choose:
Element Six’s new D PowerTM path Picks* are ideal for superficial milling asphalt programs on motorways, national roads and airport runways. Utilising a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tip, the D PowerTM Road Pick exceeds 40 times the life span of a standard choose.

This dramatic expansion of choose life causes advantages such as reduced lifetime prices for selections, improved milling device output, significantly paid down downtime for choose modifications, fuel effectiveness and many other. they are all aspects that may boost efficiency and profitability, making your organization more competitive. For more information, just click here.

MasterGrade® (B15MN) M-Series roadway picks using nano-technology, Element Six MasterGrade® M-Series selections are suitable for all cool milling devices available on the market, including the little into high powered devices. These selections offer our consumers the opportunity to plane even more road at less price. Lasting test results show our MasterGrade® selections have to 50% greater life span when compared with standard picks available.

Standard tungsten carbide grade (B15N):
Our standard range “T-Series” are appropriate all cool milling devices in the marketplace, ranging from the little towards high powered devices.

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