Big Construction machines Videos

September 3, 2021
Logging scene from the kids

Fred Levine and Little Hard Hats present the initial edition associated with the BIG MACHINES series. Big Machines 1 teaches young ones about the building of roadways, highways, and homes. In addition included is a segment on the inner workings of a farm. The three-part volume features the games "Road Construction Ahead, " "House Construction forward, " and "Farm Country forward".Kids have a chance to:LEARN - just how roadways are made of going mountains of dirt to coating the asphalt for trafficDISCOVER - exactly how a property is made from surface upSEE - how a farm works and exactly how milk, peanut butter and poker chips are built Road Construction forward: Go behind the wheel as we bulldoze, carry dirt, blast stone last but not least develop roadways. House Construction Ahead: placed on your hard hat and come-along for rock blasting and harvesting wood, to pouring the inspiration of a household. Farm Country Ahead: get behind the scenes to see milk, peanut butter, loaves of bread and potato chips becoming made on a thrilling day at farm country in "Farm nation Ahead".

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