Digging trucks

October 27, 2022
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“It’s showing folks you worry, that’s just what it’s exactly about, ” said Russell Haynes, Mechanical Supervisor of Virginia Paving Company in Norfolk, Va. And its mother or father company, Lane Construction, Virginia Paving is heavily involved with community fundraising efforts anyway seven of these places.

Past attempts have included sponsoring primary college classes, hosting cookouts to boost cash and taking wrapped trucks to fundraising activities. And their particular mindfulness doesn’t visit philanthropy. “We usage suppliers within community when we need vehicle parts and equipment, ” stated Haynes. “We buy neighborhood to assist the economy grow.”

The newest exemplory instance of Virginia Paving’s community mindedness is a Freightliner® M2 106 dump truck wrapped in an attention-getting Autism Speaks design. Haynes claims the colorful truck gets a lot of thumbs-up while operating down the road, but its purpose can be so much better. “It’s not merely about a fairly vehicle. It’s about this missing puzzle piece, about increasing understanding and finding a remedy.”

Even though this M2 106 dump attends autism fundraising activities, it's an operating vehicle. Day-after-day its on the highway, hauling asphalt out to jobs and material in from quarries. Virginia Paving does most interstate tasks, city schedule work, and other huge tasks like the Oceana Naval Air facility runway in Virginia seashore while the Dominion Boulevard metal Bridge in Chesapeake, Va.

All their trucks have the SmartPlex® electrical system, which allows the addition of safety interlocks to simply help prevent accidents and equipment harm.

“We just like the extra security functions on these trucks, ” said Haynes. “Like, if driver doesn't set the parking brake the horn hits, the windshield wipers stop whenever rainfall prevents, and there are orange seat devices in order to see in the event that drivers keep these things on. There are little things like that which means that loads.”

On the basis of the organization’s culture of maintaining it in the community, the M2 106 Autism Speaks dump vehicle was wrapped by Eure symptoms in Virginia seashore.

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