Single Drum

September 12, 2020
Revolution Series Single Tenor

Have the huge difference, play to your fullest potential.

The secret Big Foot Drum Pedal is a manufacturing marvel. It features innovative design elements, aerospace materials-titanium, billet aluminum, stainless and hardened steel-and is machined regarding most recent state-of-the art CNC gear. These technical innovations lead to something: A drum pedal that plays like hardly any other.

The top leg design solitary pedal has actually all the exact same functions whilst the original Pro 1-V Detonator, though it comes down with a lengthy board footboard. Rather than the traditional footboard heel block design, the top Foot uses a one-piece footboard that pivots during the far end associated with board.

Compression Spring Technology
The top Foot Drum Pedal uses an internally housed compression spring. Compression springs have the ability to "cycle" faster and utilize energy better. The power is a pedal which will respond as quickly as your foot. The compression spring works closely with the profiled cam follower to lessen the quantity of spring tension accumulation once the beater draws near the drumhead; this gives you an even more fluid swing from starting to end. Spring tension is adjustable while you are playing - just switch the springtime dial that is easily found within simple get to at the top of the primary housing. Just picture not any longer needing to eliminate your bass drum pedal from the hoop to alter stress options.

Independent Split-Cam System
Due to the split-cam system's design, you can now change the mindset and assault associated with pedal in moments. Trick's completely separate split-cam system permits the gamer to infinitely and by themselves adjust the beater through the drive cam position with a 360-degree variety of smooth yet solid options. This system in addition permits immediate conversion regarding the Pro 1-V Detonator into a cocktail kit pedal or a triggering pedal.

Multi-Position Stroke Adjustment Cluster
This three-position group is a fundamental piece of the advanced geometry at work from the Pro 1-V Detonator. It provides the ball player separate modifications when it comes to footboard position, pedal activity, and put. This particular aspect is patent pending.

Universally adjustable, the professional 1-V Detonator Bass Drum Beaters can easily be relocated to any height/angle over the titanium shafts within minutes with a standard dimensions drum key. This permits the beater to strike your desired area on any sized bass drum without radically influencing the general pedal experience. Hard/soft surface change-out choices are in addition included with beaters.

The Pro 1-V Detonator footboard is machined from solid billet aluminum which rigorously fracture tested to 12, 000 lb. per square inches. The footboard is attached to the heel plate utilizing a pressed-fit hardened solid metallic pin that will be exceedingly reliable and sturdy.

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