Asphalt Finisher

October 12, 2020
Niigata Asphalt Finisher

Under direction, spreads, rakes and finishes asphalt mixtures relating to road maintenance and repair projects. Duties include: operating asphalt kettle and tool heater; helping within the clean-up of job website after asphaltic repair works; starting job-sites in a safe way; and doing associated duties as required.

Distinguishing Features

This is actually the journey-level inside asphalt employee show. It really is distinguished through the 7502 Asphalt Worker by its responsibilities for the reason that the former performs the asphalt finishing and it is in charge of the safety set-up of the worksite.

Supervision Exercised


Examples of Essential and Essential Tasks

Based on Civil Service Commission Rule 109, the responsibilities specified listed here are representative of this range of responsibilities assigned to this job code/class consequently they are perhaps not meant to be a comprehensive list.

1. Spreads and rakes asphaltic mixtures.

2. Irons asphalt to get a concise and smooth area.

3. Cleans cut-outs and makes sub-grades before paving.

4. Helps in clean-up of job site after asphaltic repair works.

5. Creates task site (including cones, barricades, highrises and signs) in a secure way.

6. Completes standard task reports.

7. May operate the screed on an asphalt paver.

8. Will be the groundsman on an asphalt milling device.

9. May operate asphalt kettle and device heater.

Understanding, Skills and Abilities

Familiarity with: strategies and equipment utilized in spreading, finishing milling procedure plus making accurate estimates of paving materials needed for numerous tasks; understanding of distribution of varied tack coating emulsions, plot paving, shovelling and rolling asphaltic mixtures; safeness techniques necessary for safe utilization of resources, products and gear.

Power to: understand and follow oral instructions; complete standard written reports and realize and follow written instructions.

These minimal qualifications establish the education, education, experience, unique skills and/or license(s) that are necessary for employment in classification. Take note, extra qualifications (for example., special conditions) may affect a particular position and will be stated on exam/job statement.

Education: None

Two (2) many years of verifiable expertise in street paving and repair act as an asphalt employee.

Permit and Certification:
Ownership of a valid California Driver’s License

Disaster Provider Workers

All City and County of san francisco bay area staff members tend to be designated Disaster provider Workers through condition and local law (Ca Government Code part 3100-3109). Work aided by the City needs the affirmation of a loyalty oath to the effect. Employees must finish all Disaster Service Worker-related education as assigned, and also to return to act as purchased in the event of an emergency.

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