Cold Milling Asphalt

October 2, 2020
Asphalt machine WIRTGEN 1900DC

Cool milling is a managed process that eliminates partial or entire asphalt surfaces to a desired level. Utilizing specifically designed gear, a surface can be restored to a specified class or pitch. This procedure allows for accurate removal of used, rutted or deteriorated asphalt prior to resurfacing. Cold milling may be used to improve only something necessary, consequently helping you save time and money.


Partial Cold Milling: involves the removal of the top 1.50” to 2.00” of surface course just. This allows removal of the unsuccessful asphalt area while salvaging the binder asphalt layer. Its better and cost efficient than total treatment and replacement. As well as cost savings, partial level cool milling results in a textured surface which you can use for temporary driving during a resurfacing project, consequently reducing the affect traffic.

Full-depth cool Milling: involves getting rid of the whole asphalt area 3.00” to 5.00” (binder and surface asphalt layers). Cool milling causes less shifting of this sub-base. This cuts back on required sub-base work required to proceed to binder program set up.


  • Cold milled products could be recycled to the sub-base, utilized in the new asphalt pavement, or conserved for any other jobs.
  • Cool milling is faster than other methods of the removal of asphalt. It decreases the elimination time by 50percent.
  • Cold milling is clean, safe, and value efficient.

Allow the experts at Wagner Paving allow you to tackle your asphalt fix task. Phone to learn more about this quick, affordable, and environmental-friendly service.

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