Grading, roads

July 19, 2022
James Shaw has been grading

Inside workout, become familiar with how-to do a little preliminary grading design. You will also acquire some training analyzing the surface to understand mountains.

  1. Go to the bookmark path Passing Lane 3.
  2. Choose the road.
  3. Regarding asset card, change the Edit Mode to Roadside Grading.

    The blue outlines indicate the grading width (10m automagically).

  4. Change the Grading Process from secured Width to Fixed Slope.
  5. Note the straight surface that seems whenever you choose this process.
  6. Open the Terrain Themes panel.
  7. Click on the "+" sign to start a surface theme.
  8. For Analysis Kind, select Slope.
  9. Move the Transparency slider to about 50 % way.
  10. Simply click OK to produce the motif.
  11. Note the exorbitant slope where straight surface appears.

    Red shows the cheapest values and azure the best in this analysis.

  12. Replace the Grading Approach To Fixed Width.
  13. Remember that the slope is an acceptable value.
  14. Deselect the landscapes theme to show down exposure.
  15. Close the Terrain Themes panel.
  16. Regarding asset card, replace the Edit Mode to Geometry.
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