LeeBoy 420 Pneumatic Roller

May 30, 2020
420 Pneumatic Roller

Bomag pneumatic tire rollerTwo Big New Hydrostats

Aided by the introduction associated with the BW24RH (99 horsepower, 52, 911 pounds completely ballasted) additionally the BW27RH (131 horse power, 59, 525 weight) at the beginning of 2006, Bomag shifted its larger pneumatic rollers from powershift transmissions to hydrostatic drive. The Deutz motor when you look at the BW24RH provides some less horsepower than the Cummins it changed. But Bomag claims hydrostats require less horsepower than technical drive trains, that changes between forward and reverse tend to be smoother, and therefore fuel economy is enhanced.

Few pneumatic-roller designs: 3

Brand new designs: BW24RH and BW27RH

Product-line features: Four forward tires pivot from two things whenever steering. In the place of responding and turning at the same time on a great, typical axle, the within and outdoors tire pairs turn at a different sort of price, enabling smooth steering transitions and decreasing prospective to harm the pad.

Ingersoll Rand

Tailor Tire Load to Each Job

Ingersoll Rand covers a diverse array of pneumatic compactor programs with two models, the hydrostatic PT-125R with optimum ballasted fat of 27, 395 weight, additionally the PT-240R with powershift transmission and ballasted fat of 52, 910 weight. Current refinements make ballast compartments much more obtainable for modifications.Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tire roller The compartments is full of water, damp sand, steel, or a mixture of ballast material to tailor the most tire load to job requirements.

Few pneumatic-roller models: 2

Product-line functions: Standard skirts on PT-240R retain tire heat to assist prevent tires from getting asphalt off the mat surface. Just what Ingersoll Rand calls "one-meter-by-one-meter" presence allows the operator to see items that are a meter tall as near as one meter into the front side or back of the compactor.


Middle-Weight Made Heavy

The GRW 15 (52, 900 optimum ballasted fat) is made for a passing fancy platform once the GRW 18 (61, 700 weight max ballasted fat), both with Deutz diesels rated at 127 horsepower and three-speed powershift transmissions. The eight-wheel compactors have actually identical performing proportions. Hamm states double pivot points regarding front axle improve stability and maneuverability. The GRW 15 features 2 inches of tire overlap also at 50 % of the maximum switching direction.

Hamm pneumatic tire rollerNumber of pneumatic-roller models: 2

Product-line functions: Three-speed powershift transmissions deliver smooth changes through a hydrodynamic drive that replaces sequence drive.


Earth's Just Vibratory Pneumatic Roller

The GW750 is the only vibratory pneumatic-tire roller worldwide, combining the kneading effectation of a pneumatic roller with all the high-force output of a vibratory. The reasonably light GW750 (optimum ballasted fat of 20, 580 pounds) moves quickly, and Sakai states it provides the compacting force of a 55, 000 lb fixed pneumatic roller. A vibratory shaft is housed within a number of especially designed rubberized tires. The tires really vibrate. The roller can operate fixed, like a conventional pneumatic, and offers either four amplitude configurations.

Amount of pneumatic-roller designs: 1

New-model: GW750

Product-line functions: Sakai features included rubberized skirts round the pneumatic tires to retain heat and help avoid pick up, and a mat-temperature sensor which can be administered within operator place.


Brand New Engine Options

LeeBoy replaced the Hatz engine in its 5, 600-pound 420 Roller with a 35-hp Kubota diesel and included a choice of an 80-hp Caterpillar diesel towards 30, 500-pound Rosco Tru-Pac 915. The Tru-Pac 915's articulated steering enables true monitoring in order that tires overlap in turns for full-width compaction in tight places particularly parking lots and cul-de-sacs, in which LeeBoy's commercial pavers frequently work.

Sakai GW750 vibratory pneumatic tire roller Leeboy pneumatic tire roller Ingram pneumatic tire roller Hypac pneumatic tire roller
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