Pneumatic tire Compactor

February 18, 2017
Pneumatic tire compactor

Pneumatic Tire Roller1. LRS2030/LRS1626/LRS1016/LRS235H/LRS226H/YL16G Pneumatic Tire Roller
These pneumatic tire rollers are ideal for the compaction of stabilized earth, sandy soil, broken stone, bituminous cement, cement concrete as well as other cohesive and non-cohesive materials on roadway surface construction. The smooth tread tire roadway rollers are very ideal for the final compaction of asphalt area training course on highway. They're popular inside construction of highway, airport, municipal roadway and professional ground.

1. Our pneumatic tire rollers have B series Cummins or D6114 water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine. The engine can provide powerful energy and reliable overall performance.
2. To make certain dependable performance and simple operation, LRS2030, LRS1626 and LRS1016 pneumatic tire rollers use speed-shift synchronous gearbox and LRS235H, LRS226H and YL16G roadway rollers utilize power-shift hydraulic transmission package.

3. The anticorrosive energy sprinkler system and 800L strengthened polyethylene water container can successfully extend the operating time.
4. The compacting equipment receives infrared movie tracking system for easy operation.
5. It is small in structure, attractive in features and low in gravity center.
6. In addition, its fitted with spacious and closed driving taxi. Ventilating and air-con products can be put in in driving taxi, if required.

2. LTP2030/LTP2030H/LTP1016/LTP1016H Pneumatic Tire Roller
These pneumatic tire rollers may be applied to compact asphalt cement, cement or lime stabilized earth, sand, gravel, clay mixtures and other cohesive and non-cohesive products. They are particularly appropriate the compaction of area courses of top quality highway.

1. LTP2030, LTP1016 pneumatic tire road rollers are designed with reduced center of gravity. This is why the procedure a great deal less dangerous plus comfortable.
2. LTP2030 compaction gear has Cummins 6BTA diesel motor, guaranteeing trustworthy power supply.
3. Three forward as well as 2 backward speeds, fiber-glass spraying box and multi-layer liquid filter make sure the security associated with machine.
4. With infinitely variable rates, LTP2030H, LTP1016H roller compactors tend to be easy and dependable to work.
5. LTP1016, LTP1016H pneumatic tire rollers include Cummins 4BT diesel motor. The engine will offer strong energy and changes to various surroundings.
6. Leading wheel with self-adjusting floating framework allows our pneumatic tire roller to execute better compaction.

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