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December 16, 2014
Trackless Vehicles Ltd Cold

sept:oct2015Learning recently that my payment processing organization has actually ceased operation,
I will be in the process of getting establish with another processor.

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Work showing up in 2 pubs simultaneously. Topics illustrated: nuclear bombs and stop airplanes.

Available now via your neighborhood newsstand or neighbor’s mailbox!


Here’s a review of an illustrated type of the National Gallery of Art university made for Van Dam Media. Regarding the reverse side is a map associated with DC area, highlighting the places of the numerous attractions on and around the National Mall. The entire laminated map folds down to a handy 4×9″ size. This chart has been established this week on National Gallery of Art and certainly will serve as their authoritative chart.

NGA_campus_cutawayPick up this unique NGA map through your after that visit to DC!

Illustrated this exploded view of a Wood River block jet for Woodcraft. Take a look in concern #66.

Recently I’ve had a couple men and women ask if I’ve rendered pictures yourself in the past, or if I do so now. Presently, all of my final illustrations are done digitally.maxson_block _plane However, with regards to the client and subject-matter, we nonetheless will usually create roughs utilizing pen and Lumocolor pens in some recoverable format. In my situation this can be a much quicker, more liquid means of getting initial some ideas from my brain onto a shareable medium.

From archives, here are a few finished illustrations done by turn in the belated 80’s/early 90’s. These were all done on Mylar, presented with non-repro blue-pencil, rendered with ink and Rapidograph pens, triangles, and a stack of numerous ellipse themes. The exploded example associated with Alitec cold planer was certainly one of my first freelance jobs, coming about during university at Purdue.alitec_cold_planer the 2 filter pictures additionally the wiper set up illustration had been done as an employee tech. illustrator for Hyster Company, my very first technology. example job away from college.

While I probably wouldn’t possess determination to do it now, we loved the method and craftsmanship of producing these pictures making use of the manual tools and methods through the time. From the ink toward finicky pens to smell associated with Mylar as well as the themes towards the methods needed, it absolutely was a raw and self-disciplined ways graphic manufacturing. Plus along with of today’s advanced level illustration tools, these hand-drawn technology. illustrations however possess a look, feel, and particular nuances that simply cannot easily be duplicated electronically these days.


Produced these install line arts for an attic flooring system maker. The pictures will be on the product’s box label, as seen here from set of the infomercial.

hyster_filter02 locknrollin
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