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December 20, 2015
Tarmac Cleaning - Project

Thermal soil remediation is managing hydrocarbon corrupted grounds (solids) with temperature in a rotary dryer (desorber). Heat volatilizes the hydrocarbons into a vapor, making the soils remediated. Soil, oil area waste, refinery waste, container bottoms is thermally treated and remediated. Both Direct Fired and Indirect Fired rotary drying remediation methods are designed by Tarmac Global, Inc.

Tarmac: A Plant System Gear Maker

For more than two decades, Tarmac Overseas, Inc. has built complete thermal earth remediation flowers globally. Our thermal soil remediation plants have manufacturing rates from 5 to 80 tons each hour. Techniques can be transportable or stationary. Tarmac International, Inc. styles and builds all aspects of the device.

Air Pollution Control:

After hydrocarbons are vaporized from earth, the goal is always to cleanse the rotary dryer off-gas because of the following equipment components:

DIRECT FIRED FLOWERS: cyclone, oxidizer, air conditioning heat exchanger, baghouse and acid gasoline scrubber

INDIRECT FIRED FLOWERS: cyclone, high temperature baghouse, quench, acid fuel scrubber and oxidizer

Source: www.tarmacinc.com
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