Gravel road maintenance Equipment

December 31, 2022
Gravel Road Maintenance

Edgar Laney"We can do up to a mile and a half of gravel roadways a day with this Zipper for much less cash as well as keep going longer."

– Edgar Laney, Past Commissioner, Palo Pinto County, TX

"We save nearly 50per cent rehabilitating our gravel roadways using Zipper. Each time we put it to use, we're saving cash and getting greater results."

– Jerry Haynie, Path Manager, Lafayette County, MS

"We use the Zipper on our roadways, including gravel. It saves us cash and increases our degree of service to our people."

– Stuart Warrener, Region Management, Saskatchewan Highway Dept., SK, Canada

Gravel road stabilization and rehabilitation is not difficult and affordable with an Asphalt Zipper® device. By effectively pulverizing and blending surrounding products, Asphalt Zipper devices considerably expand the scope of what your current gravel roadway maintenance gear can perform. Merely pulverize the area become enhanced with a predetermined portion of the beds base. If desired, a multitude of stabilizing ingredients can also be effortlessly incorporated; see Soil Stabilization. This homogenous mixture is then ready to be graded, reshaped and compacted leading to a far more durable and value efficient gravel road repair.


Pulverize and mix with a predetermined part of the base.* Inject liquid through spraybar.


Grade and reshape. Hydrate as required.


Compact with sufficient moisture.†
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