Road maintenance Equipment

December 15, 2021
Anti-Icing Trailor

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  • Flag motorists to alert all of them of hurdles or restoration work forward.
  • Set-out signs and cones around work places to divert traffic.
  • Complete preventative upkeep on automobiles and hefty gear.
  • Drive hefty gear and automobiles with flexible accessories to sweep dirt from paved areas, mow lawn and weeds, eliminate snowfall and ice, and spread salt and sand.
  • Drive vehicles to transport teams and equipment to focus sites.
  • Haul and spread sand, gravel, and clay to fill washouts and repair road shoulders.
  • Dump, spread, and tamp asphalt, making use of pneumatic tampers, to repair joints and spot damaged pavement.
  • Neat and obvious dirt from culverts, capture basins, drop inlets, ditches, also strain structures.
  • Remove litter and dirt from roadways, including dirt from rock and mud slides.
  • Erect, install, or repair guardrails, roadway arms, berms, highway markers, caution indicators, and highway lighting, making use of hand resources and power resources.
  • Inspect, clean, and fix drainage systems, bridges, tunnels, and other frameworks.
  • Complete roadside landscaping work, such as for example clearing weeds and brush, and growing and trimming trees.
  • Inspect markers to validate precise set up.
  • Paint traffic control outlines and place pavement traffic emails, yourself or utilizing machines.
  • Utilize oil to road surfaces, using sprayers.
  • Measure and mark locations for installation of markers, utilizing tape, string, or chalk.
  • Put and remove snowfall fences always stop the accumulation of drifting snowfall on highways.
  • Apply poisons along roadsides plus in animal burrows to eradicate unwelcome roadside vegetation and rodents.


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