Pictures of Construction Equipment

September 20, 2022
Earth, Perth and Construction

A "treasure-trove" of images showing very early construction at Walt Disney World features surfaced on line.

After her grandmother died in 2012, Valdes was handed a box of pictures that she did not analyze until she had been loading to maneuver final March.

After the woman grandmother died in 2012, Valdes was handed a box of pictures that she did not analyze until she had been packing to go final March.

As Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida celebrates it's 45th anniversary this present year, unusual photos of it's building have surfaced on the web.

CNN is stating that Kelly smart Valdes don't think about visiting the secret Kingdom when she was a young child.

The woman grandfather, Chester "Chet" smart, assisted build the Disney park starting in 1969 and continued to your workplace there until he retired inside belated 1980s. The woman grandma, Elizabeth Wise, also worked during the park. They existed appropriate because of it until Chet smart passed away in 2002, therefore Valdes went to often.

What she found was a treasure-trove: her grandfather had taken a large number of images of secret Kingdom under building, frequently from high overhead.

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