Skid Steer Pavers Attachment

July 15, 2017
Road Widener Skid Steer

Gehl business offers a paving package which includes a Gehl skid loader loaded with a cool planer accessory and a Gehl energy Box paver.

Gehl cool planers mount on Gehl skid loaders to supply an affordable method of getting rid of the most effective area of roadways, driveways and cutting butt joints just before resurfacing. They’re designed for asphalt and cement applications with a selection of drum widths and drum types readily available. Cutting widths change from 6.4 to 61 centimeters (2.5 to 24 in.).

Cutting depth and bevel direction are easily managed without making the loader chair. Gehl’s electro-hydraulic system provides the operator finger-tip control. Cutting level is flexible to 10 centimeters (4 in.). And for exact beveling, the system tilts to 7.5 levels either in path for a complete array of l5 levels. Standard functions also include hydraulic part shift for planing close to curbs or wall space.

Gehl now offers a type of 3.6 and 5.4-metric-ton (4 and 6 great deal) energy Box paver designs. These units offer the overall performance and attributes of huge pavers in a tight, easily maneuverable bundle. They generate quick work of driveways, greens cart routes, sidewalks, running trails and parking lots with paving widths from 1.2 to 4 meters (4 to 12 ft.) and paving depths flexible to 15 centimeter (6 in.).

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