Caterpillar Pavers

June 13, 2017
Caterpillar s new AP1F

Large production features include big throughput capability and over-sized feeder components that enable the system to perform reduced, restricting wear while also decreasing fuel usage.

Auto-Fill Feeder Program

The automobile fill feeder system simplifies begins by alternating the conveyors and augers through to the mix level hits the sensor set point, eliminating manual activation and constant tracking.

Single Touch Feeder System

Both augers and two conveyors are activated instantly with an individual button, simplifying setup. Each auger and each conveyor can still be managed on their own when required.

One Touch Hopper Control

The hopper wings and hydraulic apron is folded with an individual touch and launch. The machine could be tailored to stimulate left or correct wings, or the front side hydraulic apron independently or collectively.

Cleanout and Warm-Up Mode

This feature triggers the augers, conveyors, and tamper-bar (if prepared) at a lowered speed, enabling the effective use of launch agents to avoid product build up.

Blend Height Modification

Blend level modification while watching screed can be changed from tractor Liquid Crystal Display screen for increased flexibility whenever needed.

Hydraulic Mainframe Extensions

The optional 457 mm (18") hydraulic mainframe extensions attach to the auger installation and offer smooth material flow off to the extenders. They retract because of the screed extensions whenever lowering paving widths.

Multiple Feed Sensor Options

The feeder system is tailored to instantly function with 0, 2, or 4 feeder sensors. When paving with 0 sensors considering a deep failing, simply set the feeder system to automatic and adjust the blend level environment, no need to cycle the manual switch as previous models required.

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