Asphalt rollers used

July 20, 2021
Used Asphalt Rollers For Sale

The Asphalt Roller Compactor (ARC), available these days through InstroTek, Inc., may be the first unit developed based entirely on an electro-mechanical system. The compactor cannot need hydraulic fluids or air force, which allows the users to produce repeatable and consistent examples. The asphalt slab produced with this compactor is more representative; with aggregate positioning similar to samples compacted on the go.

This fully automatic and user-friendly system compacts making use of a segmented roller with alternating rotation, simulating the action of large rollers employed for compaction of asphalt pavements. The compacted pieces may be used for rut testing, cored for standard laboratory examinations or cut to acquire beam samples for beam tiredness evaluating.


  • User-friendly computer software for simple test setup and immediate test execution
  • Colors touch screen show for easy control and operation
  • Windows® driven pc software system for data administration, evaluation and graphically exhibited test outcomes
  • Completely incorporated information purchase system
  • Electronic control unit with touchscreen color display. The simple, user friendly interface allows immediate and totally automatic test execution, data acquisition and handling.
  • Solid metal frame mold support table with an alternating displacement system for dining table displacement and vertical load stress.
  • Intranet and Internet connection for remote interaction, diagnostic evaluation and computer software updates
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