Asphalt rollers

March 20, 2017
The HD+ 120 and HD+ 140

Intelligent compaction (IC) of asphalt sidewalks is a rising area of research that attempts to expand mechanistic-empirical design principles to the construction of asphalt pavements. These techniques monitor the vibrations associated with the compactor and vary the roller variables instantly assuring sufficient and uniform compaction. Although these techniques are in various phases of area demonstration, their particular overall performance continues to be being verified. Having less established theoretical foundations has restricted the extensive acceptance of the techniques. Within paper, a viscoelastic-plastic (VEP) model can be used to simulate the behavior of vibratory rollers during the compaction of asphalt sidewalks. The VEP model is shown to be fairly accurate, computationally tractable, plus in a questionnaire that is conducive to numerical simulation. Contrast associated with the simulation results with information gathered during construction of asphalt pavements suggest that this design can act as the basic theoretical foundation when it comes to realization of intelligent compaction of asphalt sidewalks.

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