HD 70

August 15, 2022
Hamm HD 70, 2006

StudSensor HD70 Stud Finder is rated 3.4 from 5 by 75.

Ranked 1 from 5 by irelephant from Terrible. Only bad. Finds a stud 50% of the time - possibly. Whether the "center" is truly the middle ...that's another 50/50 shot. If you get a "center" indicator making a mark, then check once more in order to verify, the stud has most likely magically relocated - or even vanished altogether! If you're actually certain you have got a stud, and you drill into it - again, it is secret! It has moved! Additionally, you receive about one scan per 9-volt electric battery - perhaps less. I've utilized four (4) electric batteries today, new from the pack, and it's nonetheless showing the battery is lifeless and refusing be effective. Simply speaking, USUALLY DO NOT purchase this. I purchased it to replace a lower-end (if you can imagine) Zircon design, the one that didn't find the "center" ...it's maybe not better. Possibly even worse. Avoid ANY Zircon item. Thumping your drywall will be better. A magnet would be much better. A dowsing pole will be much better. Or simply throw darts - blind fortune is much more useful.

Rated 1 from 5 by chris from terrible item! Bought this 8/13/16, came back it same time. Kept telling me personally there clearly was a stud; I drilled, no stud. After drilling 3 holes in my wall surface in numerous locations where it said a stud had been positioned without finding a stud, I happened to be done. Let me tell you the worst stud finder I have previously made use of. Rated 1 away from 5 by Jk from Not very helpful i will be thinking to go back it. It provides countless untrue positive and I also ended up nailing in dried out wall surface. Ranked 3 off 5 by Saluki100 from It's Okay i do believe its only a little expensive to do the job it can. I'd a less expensive Stanley model that I lost during a move so bought this 1. I've since discovered the Stanley plus it in fact does better than this one. Rated 5 away from 5 by Bobby from exceptional Product!! The stud finder is every user-friendly and does precisely what it says it's going to do. Ranked 5 away from 5 by Abldo96 from Zircon StudSensor simply a DIY sort of man that was sick and tired of putting several small nail holes in wall surface in order to discover a stud. Powerd this thing up-and straight away it sensed a stud! Now that it discovered me personally, I placed it from the wall surface first regular settings then your deep scan and possesses not missed one however. Ideal for choosing the center AND each side of the stud. Our residence is built on 2x6 framework so the much deeper scan is very good to get those hidden cables! Cannot think i will be over 50 and not bought these sooner... Ranked 2 away from 5 by LeeM from maybe not what I expected i got myself the HD70 thinking I would update my older stud finder - you know the one with an individual light that turn from red to green. Well, initial effort had been looking for the studs to cut fully out drywall because bathroom wax ring drip - the HD70 offered false readings all around us. I experienced to resort to my older unit. This was returned - it absolutely was maybe not the thing I expected. Ranked 5 from 5 by MikeW from Excellent item. Works magically. Excellent product! My previous stud finder was through the 1990s and it was precise to find the edge of the stud however the middle. Now i'm inside twenty-first century. Worked like a charm, discovered dead-center of stud. Liked the light shining in the v notch where you pencil your level. Very recommended.

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