Caterpillar (CAT)

February 3, 2018
Caterpillar CAT 325DL

The Ebony Cat - usually drawn as frustrated with claws bared, arched straight back, and a brushy end (pictured, right) - has long been among signs of this IWW. It absolutely was probably conceived by IWW user Ralph Chaplin (most famous for penning the IWW / labor anthem "Solidarity Forever"), just who produced most of the IWW's very early "slient agitator" images which - themselves - had a close organization with hobo indications (described elsewhere within gallery of IWW social icons).

Although today the cat features a general association with all the IWW - sometimes even as a mascot - it is original purpose ended up being as a code or symbol for direct activity during the point of manufacturing, specifically sabotage. Undoubtedly, the cat could have even been plumped for because of the convenient word play, "sabo-tabby" (potentially an indirect motivation for Mel Blanc's characterization of Bugs Bunny's often mispronounced "sabotagé"), though, as described in part on sabotage, it must be emphasized that latter would not suggest destruction of equipment or equipment. (Without a doubt, visitors are advised to in addition browse the part on Sabotage inside gallery to understand its real definition).

Labor folklorist Archie Green has said that "the black cat is a vintage symbolization for cancerous and sinister reasons, foul deeds, misfortune, and witchcraft with countless superstitious connections. Wobblies offered the black-cat figure aesthetically to hitting face to face, direct activity, and sabotage."

In accordance with Ralph Chaplin, "My 'sab-cat' ended up being likely to symbolize the 'slow down' as a means of 'striking on job', " although other individuals within the IWW used the icon more broadly.

Perhaps as a result, and due to the inevitable hagiography that arises when history becomes legend, other radical movements and/or organizations that have been inspired by the IWW (or rather their somewhat biased perspectives of it) and adopted the black cat (including many anarchist and radical environmentalist tendencies and organizations) have used the feline to symbolize something much different from direct action at the point of production.

Earth very first!, including, often utilized a small difference on Chaplin's original image (occasionally despite a monkeywrench in another of its paws) to symbolize monkeywrenching by "eco-warriors" - which is rather distinct from direct action during the point of production by employees. Many anarchists have actually simply copied Chaplin's image to symbolize direct activity generally speaking, including mass insurrectionary task.

The IWW doesn't condone or endorse such utilization of the black pet and bears no responsibility because of its usage by other people, nor does the IWW officially make use of the black colored pet to symbolize sabotage (certainly, the IWW does not officially promote or condone sabotage itself). But various IWW people, limbs, and campaigns (like the recent Starbucks Workers Organizing promotion) do make use of the black pet, but in general, its much more a mascot and a symbol of general collective working-class militancy than anything else.

Probably the ultimate ironic perspective may be the notion of the proverbial cat having nine everyday lives, because of the tendency of actual kitties to hold up well in dangerous circumstances. A vintage IWW slogan declared, "the sab-cat has nine resides and no conscience." Like its furry, four-legged, (usually) green-eyed alter-ego, your IWW generally seems to have nine lives and has survived all threats to its existence (thus far).

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