Asphalt Compactors

June 7, 2017
Asphalt Compactors & Rollers

The Trimble CCSFlex Compaction Control System is a reliable and inexpensive substitute for control compaction control technology and help you be much more competitive. The easy-to-use CCSFlex “system in an incident” provides valid pass count mapping without a GPS base place and without a 3D design.

The CCSFlex system offers numerous features and advantages to the paving specialist:

  • Facilitates optimal compaction by showing pass matter information on operator in real-time
  • An easy task to put in in a couple of hours
  • Portability causes it to be well suited for rented compactors
  • Versatility allows you to go the device between compactors
  • Deals with any asphalt compactor with available or enclosed taxi

As a far more cost-conscious entry-level configuration, CCSFlex makes it possible to work better and create an improved area without purchasing the full-featured system. You can upgrade later with additional heat sensors, precision GNSS modifications, or a bigger display.

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