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August 18, 2014
American Asphalt is your NJ

Present Requests for household Asphalt Paving and Driveway Paving in Denver, Colorado:

Venture Location: Wheat Ridge, CO 80215

Date: 12/2016

Area Explanation: Driveway

Venture kind: brand new asphalt for existing home

Current Exterior: Dirt

Request Stage: Thinking & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date: Timing is versatile

What type of area is it?: Home/Residence

House Owner: Yes

Comment: need paving from driveway to back yard

Venture Venue: Lakewood, CO 80215

Date: 11/2016

Venture Type: Replacement of existing surface

Present exterior: Gravel or road base

Property Owner: No

Comment: a Resurface of driveway with asphalt

Venture Venue: Denver, CO 80205

Request Stage: Willing To Hire

This Request is From Another user Pro for: A subcontractor

Comment: I need an estimate on repaving over a present driveway.

Project Venue: Denver, CO 80238

Area Definition: Patio

Desired Completion Date: Within 7 days

Comment: Side lawn paved and leveled... strain towards fence and straight back of home.

Venture Location: Denver, CO 80222

Date: 10/2016

Project Location: Denver, CO 80226

Present Exterior: Asphalt

Comment: existing driveway is recycled asphalt about 750 sq ft

Venture Location: Denver, CO 80220

Comment: degree and apply asphalt to parking pad approx. 10' x 8'

Project Venue: Denver, CO 80229

Date: 09/2016

Present Exterior: Concrete

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