Different types of Road Surfaces

September 20, 2022
Through different types of

Our roadway community addresses around 2200km both in urban and rural areas, and differing types of roadways need handle various demands.

For instance some rural roadways could be in subjected areas with harsh climate conditions. Others are protected from weather but might have to cope with the worries of hefty loads and plenty of hefty lorries.

We now have various remedies readily available for these various problems.

Whilst we generally try to fix the roads that are in poorest condition, we also utilize lower cost preventative remedies which are designed to end the situation getting any even worse and end liquid or air getting through the roadway surface as both these can result in really serious harm of roadway surfaces. This type of treatment is used before a road hits an enhanced state of deterioration, to prevent the necessity for a high priced restoration.
Resurfacing methods

There are five distinct types of therapy.


This is actually the most high-priced therapy and is made use of as a last resort when the road surface and underlying layers have actually deteriorated to a tremendously advanced level phase. Repair works may include a-deep excavation, and replacement of this sub-base rock level besides the top bituminous levels.

Airplane and inlay

This might be a standard therapy made use of when just the roadway surface features deteriorated beyond repair. The surface level is mechanically removed to an average level of 45mm, a tack coating will be used followed by a new surface.


Provided existing amounts are ideal it is often feasible to utilize an innovative new surface course right on the top of present one, with minimal or no patching. This method provides a greater level of bound surfacing and will become more affordable.


This is certainly a hot recycling procedure where in fact the present surface program is heated after that scored to a depth of around 30mm. A thin layer of hot asphalt will be applied across reheated area. This achieves a strong relationship with all the old area and reduces expense due to decreased product use. As a recycling process, it has some environmental benefits.


Retread is employed instead of complete repair where in actuality the price is high as well as the road is just used lightly. The process requires separating and regrading the current certain product, incorporating bitumen where needed, followed closely by dressing the utmost effective area with a layer of bitumen emulsion and tiny chippings. As an on-site recycling process, you will find ecological benefits compared to common treatments.
Traditional surfacing materials

Chipped hot rolled asphalt

A traditional surfacing product, it is usually laid at a level of 45mm and has now bitumen coated potato chips rolled into its area to give you skid opposition.

Benefits - this can be a powerful, impervious versatile product with good opposition to cracking

Drawbacks - it is extremely high priced and it may deform under hefty loads. It can be hard to acquire an excellent finish during colder weather condition

Lifespan - 20 to 30 years

Tall stone content asphalt

It's more stone in the blend than chipped hot rolled asphalt, but more importantly it doesn't require bitumen coated chippings. It provides a stiffer blend than chipped asphalt.

Advantages - provides a tremendously durable area

Drawbacks - it is expensive and it's also extremely tough for a great finish if hand laying as a result of the even more stony blend. It's not ideal on high speed parts of road.

Thin surface classes

These have a smaller sized rock size than asphalts as they are set thinner, typically 30mm. These materials have a higher rock content than many asphalts and depend on the interlock between the stones to produce their strength.

Advantages - more affordable than asphalt materials and it has very low noise surface. Even more internet sites could be overlaid due to the thinner level. It's very resistant to deformation and rutting and since it is more permeable it can help draining problematic, level areas

Drawbacks - eventually water and air can damage the surface. Slightly paid down durability compared to asphalt. Shouldn't be utilized on roadways susceptible to high stress

Lifespan - fifteen to twenty years
Preventative surfacing remedies


This is certainly a cool laid material containing bitumen emulsion, fine rocks and quite often fibres which can be screeded on the roadway or footway area in a slim level, around 10-15mm dense. This seals the road surface, stops water getting into and stops deterioration. In the beginning, the material appears dark brown in colour but rapidly fades to a dark grey/black colour when it has actually set.

Advantages - very cost effective, makes it possible for entire estates is treated in the past. Fast process, and may be utilized as soon as possible after laying. Stops further deterioration

Drawbacks - can't be used in which you will find serious fundamental defects. Procedure adds restricted power. The material continues to be 'live' for a few days after laying and relies automobiles for compaction. The materials may initially look rough until it's been useful for a couple weeks

Lifespan - 7 to ten years

Surface Dressing

This is the application of a bitumen emulsion followed by chipping with a dried out, clean rock. Occasionally this is done in 2 or three layers. Exterior dressing is an efficient technique for closing the street area and enhancing the area texture and skid opposition of a road.

Benefits - really cost effective therefore the process is quick so traffic may use it immediately after laying. Can be used on various types of roads including high speed and heavily made use of roads

Disadvantages - you will see loose chippings for a number of months after laying and motorists must hold their particular speed down. Exterior could be noisier than many other treatments. Adds no architectural power so roadway beneath should be structurally sound.

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