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May 10, 2020
Construction trucks at the

​ This vehicle was parked into the Milwaukee Avenue bike lane Wednesday early morning whenever a cyclist smashed its windshield, in accordance with a witness. [Provided to DNAinfo]

Their particular disappointment was on show Wednesday morning, a female stated, whenever a bicyclist smashed the windshield of a truck into the 800 block of North Milwaukee near in which Kuivinen was hit and killed a single day before.

The truck ended up being parked in cycle lane on Milwaukee Avenue Wednesday morning, which felt difficult and insensitive to bicyclists so soon after Kuivinen's demise, stated a lady who said she observed the windshield-breaking event.

The girl, who requested is defined as Maria, said she was in fact riding by on her behalf bicycle whenever she ended to take pictures of building web site, frustrated to see vehicles and gear parked in the bicycle lanes surrounding it. She had only done speaking to a driver and was using photos when she heard cup breaking and saw a guy standing close to the window of truck, she said.

"He didn't talk. He don't say everything, but he had been plainly aggravated, " Maria stated. "i realize their disappointment, but I don't always accept their execution."

Maria yelled at the guy to end in which he hopped on their bike and rode off, she stated.

​ This vehicle had been blocking the Milwaukee Avenue bicycle lane Wednesday morning. A witness said a cyclist smashed its windshield after this image had been taken. [Provided to DNAinfo]

Other people bicyclists looked over the building site as they rode by. Though the truck that hit Kuivinen had been no further on scene, she stated the bike lane happens to be blocked by building equipment for just two months.

"My initial thought ended up being it was therefore insensitive ... that no one on site had made any work to ease the emotions of this cyclists or anyone who had been driving that site, " Maria said.

The fatal crash arrived during Tuesday early morning dash on Milwaukee Avenue, which can be frequently packed with cyclists proceeding Downtown for work. Kuivinen was in a bike lane nearing a construction web site once the Rolling Meadows native ended up being hit by the 18-wheel flatbed truck.

The driver associated with the vehicle was ticketed for driving in a cycle lane and failure to just take because of treatment with a bicyclist.

Milwaukee Avenue is the town's "busiest bike corridor, " city transport division spokesman Michael Claffey stated, with 500 to 600 folks utilizing it each hour during peak times.

Jim Merrell, a spokesman for bike advocacy team Active transport Alliance, stated the area views a "huge amount of bike traffic." He and Yasmeen Schuller, president of online bicyclist neighborhood The Chainlink, stated the street the most popular cycle lanes in america.

"numerous cyclists feel safe on a bike lane like Milwaukee Avenue due to its appeal plus the large numbers of cyclists they share the cycle lane with, " Schuller said. "There is a feeling of security in numbers."

​ blossoms had been kept Tuesday evening in which Lisa Kuivinen (pictured) had been struck and killed by a semitruck Tuesday early morning. [Facebook/DNAinfo]

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