Used Light Construction Equipment

July 3, 2018
Used Light Construction

By Chris Matt, handling Editor - printing & E-Media June 2010 - Grounds Management Article Use plan

The keys to successful landscape tasks — irrespective of strong interaction the type of involved in the task — works well gear. Holysz and his grounds teams tackle about six moderate- to large-scale building projects and lots of smaller jobs annually. A versatile, dependable equipment fleet is a vital cog throughout of those jobs.

The landscape services department utilizes a variety of turf- and landscape-maintenance gear, including mowers, utility automobiles, grass vacuum cleaners, and lawn sweepers. But Holysz also offers a diverse pair of light-construction equipment and attachments that develop employee productivity and security.

The division has actually a conclusion loader, a dump vehicle, a lift-gate vehicle, energy tractors, and skid-steer loaders. Accessories because of this equipment include augers, buckets and backhoes, forklifts, and tree spades. Whenever indicating accessories — or implements, as Holysz calls them — for these bigger devices, he discusses the flexibility of the accessory and whether it is a good match for gear inside the fleet.

"An auger is a great example because basically have an auger apply which will fit a bit of gear that i've, how come I would like to purchase a thing that stands alone?" Holysz claims. "i will buy an implement and obtain better usage from the existing gear. That gear is used all of the time. If I wish put an auger on there to drill some holes, that actually works aside well."

Cost plays a role in the decision-making process, however it is not necessarily the #1 consideration, Holysz says. Operator safety and employee efficiency additionally influence decisions.

"It gets down to exactly what that machine can be used for, exactly what its, how good it is, of course it is interchangeable, " he states. "I always apparently jump to the auger issue. I could have purchased a stand-alone auger that could have already been plenty less expensive than having the implement when it comes to (skid-steer loader). Nevertheless the apply is straightforward, it's easy, plus it does not wreck the (operator's) human body. You can find security problems here, also — tiredness.

"whenever one has to drag somewhat (stand-alone) auger around with some engine, and they've got to get out indeed there yourself and hold on to that thing ... if you get caught in an amount of cement, you are bruised."

Discovering the right accessories for their present fleet also assists justify the expense of the bigger equipment because crews are utilizing the apparatus for a lot of jobs, instead of just some specialized jobs. Because of the accessory lineup Holysz has, its rare to encounter employment that will require a piece of gear or a variety of tools the division cannot have. But when those special tasks do occur, Holysz appears to gear rental.

"I have a look at virtually exactly what happens face to face, " he claims. "Usually once I rent things, it's those devices that wait regarding the rack for too much time, and I also'm not receiving my money's-worth. If there's some gear i must have but I need it for just one or two jobs, it does not make sense for me (purchasing).

"I really can't justify that on powers that be that I'm going to need to have this machine, that i am maybe not going to live without one for the next 5 years. I will go rent that thing for half every day, or a day and a half, therefore the work is completed."


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