Heavy Equipment Models

July 11, 2022
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Kaufman Trailers manufactures a complete line of flatbed trailers accessible in six various unique designs. “Flatbed Trailers” is understood to be having the deck within the tires without any fenders. There are frequently stake pockets and scrub railway down the edges of this truck. Our standard flatbed range is offered with GVWR’s which range from 14, 000 to 25, 000 lb. Our hefty equipment designs are made with high quality pierced framework construction and airbrake axles with GVWR’s up to 62, 000. Our company is specially proud of our drop deck range. These models function large tensile, fabricated primary structures with 24 ft. of frame level, and the typical associated with business. Our pavers have durable pierced main-frame I-beams and either spring assisted bi-fold 9 ft. ramps or hydraulic ramps. This makes for simple running of paver equipment. For actually hefty hauling, we in addition provide detachable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) in springtime and environment trip with up to 55 tons of capacity.

This family of flatbed trailers is offered with 7, 000 or 8, 000 lb. single wheel axles or 10, 000 lb. dual wheel axles. The large tensile I-beam mainframe is just one piece, cool shaped tongue and framework. Single wheel models have actually 7, 000 lb. axles with heavy-duty slipper spring suspension. An 8, 000 pound. axle/17.5 in. tire upgrade is a favorite option. Our 10, 000 pound. axle, dual wheel, versions are among our preferred designs. This range will come in a wide range of method and heavy-duty variations. Swing-up running ramps with a wood or cleated dovetail tend to be standard on every flatbed trailer. A pop-up dovetail is a well known choice. A treated lumber flooring with stake pouches and scrub rails, and a toolbox with a lockable lid are often standard included features on Kaufman flatbed trailers.

Deluxe flatbed trailers combine our most readily useful features including: frame updates to thicker main-frame and deeper crossmember spacing with pierced framework on double wheel designs. A U.S made sealed wiring use with lifetime Light-emitting Diode lighting gives you enduring value.

Kaufman’s paver flatbed trailers tend to be particularly engineered for rigorous demands while the special running requirements for hauling paving equipment. We begin with increased tensile pierced I-beam main-frame, add 10, 000 pound. twin wheel axles with radial tires, and mix a lengthy dovetail with 9 ft. bi-fold springtime assisted ramps. This will make a long, gradual loading direction for paving equipment with reduced floor approval. We additionally offer hydraulic loading ramps as an alternative on all paver designs.

Air braking system axles with low-profile 17.5 in. radial tires and Hutchens suspension are standard on all our heavy gear flatbed trailers. Pierced main-frame I-beams, pine floors, a toolbox with a lockable lid, and an US made sealed wiring use with rubberized mounted LED lights, and a dovetail with springtime assisted loading ramps tend to be standard features on this model lineup.

Kaufman drop deck flatbed trailers focus on our fundamental mill ray design. Our DELUXE range is designed with large tensile, cambered, 24 in. fabricated mainframe beams. Air braking system axles with low-profile 17.5 in. radial tires and a Hutchens suspension offer an extended persistent running equipment. Pierced frame building, pine floor, a US made sealed wiring use with rubber mounted LED lights, and dovetail with spring assisted running ramps are standard functions about this line of flatbed trailers.

Kaufman’s flatbed trailer household can also be obtainable in gooseneck hitch versions and tend to be featured within gooseneck trailer household.

Kaufman Trailers offers a full distinct lowboy detachable gooseneck trailers – sometimes described as Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN). Capacities include 35 to 55 tons in 2 and three axle models. We offer both springtime ride and environment trip. This Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN) family members is built to the greatest criteria with premium elements throughout.

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