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July 29, 2020
Graders /heavy equipment

A John Deere motor grader levels ground for a roadway within the wildernessIf there were one word to spell it out just what class control is all about, that word would be "exact."

Old-fashioned or 2D grade-control systems would be best suited for level places or small grades, and make use of sonic sensors or a laser transmitter and sensor alongside machine-position detectors to display the cut and fill needed to preserve grade on a monitor. With a 3D grade-control system, your work's design elevations are input into the crawler dozer's or motor grader's control field. A receiver on your own device reads the GPS signals received by a heightened antenna plus correctional data sent by a jobsite-based section to determine an accurate cutting-edge position. The control package's computer compares the cutting-edge place to your design elevations and then displays cut-and-fill information.

A 3D system is most beneficial for complex contours. Automatic systems both for 2D and 3D even adjust the knife the operator. Both techniques permit you to achieve an exact height and an exact direction, when using a defined amount of products and manpower to get the task done.

Optimizing your jobsite for higher productivity and profitability

  • Calculate more precise estimates.
  • Eliminate placing and replacing stakes.
  • Get rid of the importance of the operator to leave the cab to check the quality.
  • Total jobs sooner to move on to the following job.

Once you choose this program on the crawler dozer or engine grader, your machine can come pre-plumbed, wired, and prepared for easy installation of the grade-control system you select, be it Topcon, Trimble, or Leica.

With this particular choice, you certainly will get your dozer or motor grader with an expertly installed Topcon 3D-MC2 grade-control system. By working with your John Deere supplier to buy your device and Topcon grade-control system, you reap the benefits of:

  • Guidance on device and system choice setup from your own John Deere dealer and Topcon distributor
  • Turnkey delivery and calibration of this machine and system
  • Quicker setup and delivery since key elements are set up in the John Deere Factory, assuring quality
  • The ability to fund the grade-control system along with the device, to help with cash flow

For the best in class control integration, select 700K SmartGrade Dozer. There aren't any additional masts or cables that need to be set up, eliminated, or changed as a result of harm or theft. The Topcon 3D-MC2 grade control system is set up in the factory. Machine proportions tend to be preloaded in to the system, decreasing preliminary calibration time and energy to about thirty minutes. Inertial dimension products (IMUs) are situated beyond your cylinders for simple access. The Auto SmartGrade feature automatically increases the blade when dealing with thicker lots to avoid stalling and track slip. The entire SmartGrade dozer system is sold and supported by your John Deere dealer.

Many G-Series Excavators could be bought with recommended installing points on website link, supply, growth, upperstructure, and counterweight for grade research system detectors that you choose. Ask your dealership for availability by model.

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