Atlas Copco Equipment

October 28, 2022
Boliden s Tara Mines in

All-in-one package tailored to fit your gear.

Our Preventive upkeep Kits contain all parts needed for the equipment’s scheduled maintenance system. These kits are really easy to acquire and attractively priced. As soon as the fixes are carried out by our certified professionals, your device can perform maximum output.

Wear & Fix Kits

Our Wear & Repair kits tend to be a collection of spare parts when it comes to most common repair and replacement operations on the machine. Affordable and convenient, these kits simplify the solution process by guaranteeing you receive what you need.

Upgrade Kits

Our Upgrade Kits are an economical means to fix make fully sure your gear is updated aided by the latest Atlas Copco technology. Updates integrate proven technical solutions which are easily obtainable and easily put in. These improvements will maximize your equipment’s output and market worth, as well as optimize your equipment’s performance, upping your earnings.

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